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We have seen firsthand the catastrophic effects of poverty, child trafficking, and illegal poaching. The consequences of these crimes affect every one of us. Yet, unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable that pay the highest price.

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Area of focus:

Child Poverty

For children in poverty, childhood is a series of setbacks that never allows them to envision a better future leaving them trapped in a cycle of poverty.

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Area of focus:

Child Trafficking

Victims of Child Trafficking are recruited, transported, transferred, harbored or received for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation.

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Area of focus:

Illegal Poaching

Wildlife crime is sweeping the planet. The illegal trafficking of wildlife is now one of the world’s largest criminal industries, a over $200 billion industry.

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Anti-Child Poverty

The Global Child Poverty Problem:

The poverty disparity between adults and children is ever-growing. Children are twice as likely to live in poverty in comparison to adults, according to UNICEF. Globally, over one billion children live in multidimensional poverty and approximately 365+ million live in extreme poverty.

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1.2 billion children worldwide are multi-dimensionally poor – without access to education, health, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water.


Children from the poorest households die at twice the rate of their better-off peers. Children are also more than twice as likely to live in poverty than adults.

Child Trafficking
Slavery Still Exists

Modern-day slavery comes in many forms, from sexual exploitation to forced labor; millions of children worldwide are subjected to child trafficking crimes for profit. It is estimated the industry generates over $150 billion of revenue a year.

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Human trafficking earns global profits of roughly $150 billion a year for traffickers, $99 billion of which comes from commercial sexual exploitation.


Millions of children are often trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation or for labor, domestic servitude, agricultural work, factory work and mining, or they’re forced to fight in conflicts.

Mission: Anti-Poaching

Wildlife crime is sweeping the planet.

High target species such as elephants and rhinos are being hunted to extinction. These animals are the most difficult to protect, as poachers go to the most extreme lengths to kill them. If we can safeguard these animals, then we will preserve entire ecosystems.

Mission: Anti-Poaching

Poaching across Asia is reaching critical levels.

This unrelenting poaching crisis has been underway for well over a decade. It’s stimulated by the greatly expanding demand for animals, plants, and wildlife products, particularly in China, East Asia, and among East Asian nations.

Mission: Anti-Poaching

Poaching is one of the worlds largest criminal industries.

Illegal poaching produces an estimated $213 billion a year in revenue a financing machine for malicious, criminal syndicate, and extremist groups pushing exploited species to the brink of extinction.

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