Who we are

The mission to protect the most vulnerable among us.

The Phantom International Foundation was created to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the world.

Our team has seen firsthand the catastrophic effects of poverty, child trafficking, and illegal poaching and it’s far-reaching consequences. Unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable among us that pay the highest price.

Children from the poorest households die at twice the rate of their better-off peers. Children are also more than twice as likely to live in poverty than adults.

There are over 356 million children are living in extreme poverty, surviving on less than $1.90 a day. These children are used as slaves in trafficking situations, which allow criminals to make over $150 billion a year exploiting them.

Many of these networks also sponsor illegal poaching activities causing unprecedented declines in species. Driven by poverty, greed, and demand, criminals exploit the innocent for profit.

An estimated 33,000 elephants are killed every year for their Ivory, 73 million sharks every year for their fins, and less than 2000 Gracy Zebras remain in the world. This massive harvesting of endangered species is driven by a growing global market of over $23 billion a year.

We believe the best way to combat these horrors of humanity is by fostering real change beginning at a local community level.

**  Almost extinct, there are less than two-thousand Gracy Zebras left in the world.

The good news is that extraordinary individuals and nonprofit organizations are already working very hard to change this. However, many of these organizations are driven by passion with limited resources to support their missions. 

The Phantom international Foundation aims to change this by sponsoring select nonprofit initiatives from behind the scenes to deploy our expertise and resources where it’s needed most. Our hope is to inspire and foster the large-scale human impact that promotes the well-being of humanity for generations to come.

Phantom International seeks no credit beyond the satisfaction of knowing we did our part to help.